Ponniyin selvan (Part 4)


Pavithra Srinivasan

It’s the calm before the storm. Crown Prince Aditha Karikalan is riding hell-for-leather towards Kadambur to honour Ilaiya Rani Nandhini’s kind invitation—while Vandhiyathevan is hurrying in the same direction, hell-bent on thwarting their meeting. Mandhakini Devi is abducted by ruffianly unknowns towards Thanjavur—while Poonguzhali, her niece, is hastening thither, to rescue her aunt. Peril threatens Sundara Chozhar, confined to his sickbed and at the mercy of Pandiya assassins—while Ilaiya Piratti strains every nerve to protect her father. Will all three succeed in their quests? Will Arulmozhi Varmar recover from his ague? Will Aniruddhar’s schemes and stratagems save the royal family? Will Azhwarkkadiyaan’s efforts bear fruit? And lastly … will Chozha Nadu be free of the tangled web of conspiracies?


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